Circle V Ranch Camp in Santa Barbara

One of my former clients asked if I would donate my services for a good cause and I was glad that I could find a day to go up to Santa Barbara with her.

The Circle V Ranch, owned and operated by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles, is a multifaceted camp whose mission is to serve impoverished and “at risk” children, youth and families from Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties by providing innovative and enriching outdoor experiences that build self esteem and expand knowledge and appreciation of others, nature and God. The Circle V Ranch is open to people of all beliefs

To be honest, I expected the camp to be a little chaotic due to the large number of inner city kids in one area. What I noticed was that the kids were so well-behaved. I expected that when a camp leader would try to gather a group of kids, the scene would be a little chaotic but that wasn't the case at all. The kids were compliant, cordial, and full of wonderful smiles. I'm not sure how the kids were before coming to camp, but I can see the appreciation for this opportunity towards the end of the week. It was quite a rewarding experience for me.


  1. omg - the hoola hoop pic is amazing... there's so much life in it.

  2. your pictures are amazing and they really capture the great moments of circle V

  3. This Camp Is Amazing, I just got back from it this morning, and I wish I coulve stayed there longer :[

  4. I am a former camp counselor there...and this just brings back the best memories..the place, the kids, the spirit of Circle V...Thank you for posting

  5. This camp is the best i went there for one week and i loved it!!!!!!!!!! it wild west week!!!! the cabin was awesome but scary at moments sophia and gloria were awesome!!!!! they were fun and lifegards!!!!! that camp was the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go there you will love it for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. this brought back so many great memories! your pictures brought light to a gloomy day... Viva La Circle V!!!!!!!!!!!!


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