Wedding Package Explained - The Prints

I wanted to give you an idea of what my wedding package looks like. This will be the first part of a multi-part series where I explain the items that are in the packages.

These are the items that are included in an album package. I will discuss the album next time, but it's the big one on the bottom. The middle-sized box contains one parent album.

In this photo, there is 100 4x6" prints in the box. It can hold up to 200.

Each photo is retouched, resized, and optimized for print. My workstations are color-calibrated with my lab so I can ensure color accuracy when I submit my images for production. I just love seeing the output of my work in these prints.


Gary Fong's National Ad Campaign

Maker of the useful WhaleTail, Gary Fong is doing a national campaign and is collecting photos for his magazine ad. I submitted a couple of photos to him and he posted one up.

Don't be scared though, this won't be what I look like when I shoot your wedding.

Click here to check out the entry on his blog.

Update: This is the ad that's going to be in the magazines...


Click on the photo to see a bigger version. I'm on the bottom right.


Kristine and Rick in Laguna Beach

We went out to my favorite beach in Laguna Beach to do their shoot. Kristine and Rick are a cute and shy couple. I like to shoot based on a couple's personality, so we went with a classic sunset on the beach style, using the beautiful sky and soft lighting to complement the gentle bride-to-be.

I like to enhance the glow of the sunset with this effect.

This is my favorite shot of the set. I like the way she rests her head on him, the tones on her face, the color of the sky, and the ocean behind them.

The sky really was bluish pink. It's hard to beat southern california.

At certain times during the day, the sun reflects its light off the ocean waters just like this.

I had them walk towards the light so I can follow the shadow and footsteps and lead it up to their romantic walk.


Lauren and Mike at The Queen Mary

We met Lauren and Mike at the Queen Mary in Long Beach right before sunset. This was where they got engaged, so we thought this would be a meaningful place for the shoot. They are a really relaxed, fun couple. Most of the time, Mike was making Lauren laugh with something he's saying or doing, which is exactly what I wanted.

This is the part of the ship where he popped the question.

The sun was falling on them just right.

They were looking for their home through the telescope.

Mike has the ability to make Lauren break out in laughter constantly.

There are so many things I like about this photo. The cute expressions on their faces, the color of the sky, the blue waters, the curve of the floor, and how the lines converge towards the right.

Even their shadows are in love.

After a hard day's work, what else is there to do besides sleeping it off?

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