Rivalry Week: UCLA vs USC

Cherish posted this on her Facebook and I thought it was too appropriate not to share. Living in LA, you either love UCLA and hate USC or vice versa. Unless of course, you're Cherish and Steven.

Meeting in the Middle

There are many lessons to be learned for a young couple while rowing together on a lake: You must work together to move forward. If it gets too windy along the way, it's OK to be ask for help. And lastly, meeting in the middle is good for a relationship.


Here We Go! Wedding on a UFC night

Without his soon-to-be-bride's knowledge, Paul and his groomsmen wore UFC belts for this shot. The only thing missing was live streaming of UFC Rio at the Ebell Club in Long Beach.



I've always had a special place in my heart for father-daughter moments in my photography, but ever since I had my own daughter, it's become even more meaningful to me. There are no shortages of beautiful, genuine father-daughter moments in my line of work.


More Diane

These past couple of months have been the busiest yet, which I'm not complaining about. That leaves much less time for blogging. My priorities have solely been to shoot and to retouch. Here's another one of the beautiful Diane as she gets ready to leave the hotel room.


Mother's Day

There is not a more appropriate way to celebrate Mother's Day than with a moment between mother and child.

Sneak Peek: Diane and Kris Segerstrom Concert Hall

A gorgeous bride at a gorgeous venue, the Segerstrom Concert Hall.


Sneak Peek: Jessica and James Escape

One underlying theme from my amazing weekend with Jessica and James was that they really wanted an escape. And that they got...



Published by The Ecology Center

MYD Studio recently let me know that the Energy Lab/Solar Structure they worked on last year has been published along with my images in a book by The Ecology Center.

Check our their post for more details.

Sneak Peek: Los Angeles Union Station Engagement Session

Vanessa and Aaron approached me with a look that they wanted and coordinated the location and wardrobe by themselves. I toned down the colors that I usually shoot with to give it a bit of the vintage look we were going for.


Sneak Peek: Diane and Kris

This pair of wedding photographers and I ran around the Montage in Laguna Beach on a gorgeous day before finishing the shoot in Costa Mesa. They are so darn cute, the smile on their faces make me smile just by looking at the them. The silly Diane and Kris below:


Sneak Peek: Karen and Val

It was another one of those gorgeous days in Southern California. On the drive to San Pedro, I was listening to music, enjoying the scenery and feeling so inspired. I had so much fun with Karen and Val that we decided to do a silly shot on the basketball court. Check it out below:

Shooting the Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai revealed their new Veloster at the Detroit Auto show after some teasing so I'm now able to say that I shot the editorials for the car. It's a beaut.

Find out more about the Hyundai Veloster and see the final shots

Screenshot of the Hyundai Veloster

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