Baby Kate in Laguna Beach

We've been trying to schedule Baby Kate and family for a while now, and we're so glad we finally got a chance to shoot in Laguna Beach. We had a gorgeous location at a friend's house, a beautiful family in Kate and her parents, and the perfect lighting at sunset. Kate was such a cute and happy baby. She seemed to love the camera and vice versa.

Mom and dad, Jessica and Jason, playing with Kate.

As you can see, Kate and her mom share this in common: sticking their tongue out.

This is my favorite shot. I could not stop smiling while I was retouching this photo because it's just so darn cute!

Kate was so easily amused. Something as simple as a piece of grass was enough to make her happy.

I love how her cute little toes curl.

She was posing for my wife here. What a darling!

Just look at that face.

Here's an action sequence, with the kiss first...

... then the lift!

Spanning three generations.


Su and Hanson Weds at Tustin Ranch Golf Club

With all the fires going on around Orange County, it was nice to have a little rain. Unfortunately, it was also Su and Hanson's wedding day at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club. It drizzled on and off until the ceremony was to begin, then it suddenly stopped and a beautiful sunset arrived just in time for a beautiful ceremony. Su and Hanson are such a nice couple, I'm so glad everything worked out in the end.

A bridesmaid trying to copy a hairstyle from Mischa Barton.

Su's long beautifully decorated wedding dress.

The bride making sure everyone looks good.

The bridesmaids were busy getting Su's wedding dress bustled up. You can see the hands working furiously on it.

I love when the bridesmaids are perfectly spaced out with great posture.

Su sees Hanson for the first time on their wedding day.

The sky was simply gorgeous.

The bride gets ready to put the ring on the groom.

The recessional. The bride and groom share a genuine smile with each other.

The DJ tricked the guys into doing this two-step move where they pointed at their feet and then pointed up in the air, and then he proceeded to play the song "Staying Alive" which drew lots of laughs from the crowd.

The most emotional moment of the night was when the bride's father started to tear up, which made Su cry as she attempted to wipe the tears off her daddy's face.

Brady Amerson

Sandy Creager of Tustin Ranch Golf Club

Click here to view Su and Hanson's engagement session

Absolut Coton

I wanted to post a photo I took over the weekend at my buddy's house of his two Cotons and his alcohol shelf. They are so cute and the best part is, they bark at most guys except me. They must know I love dogs.

I've been pretty busy lately with retouching photos, shooting the American Montessori Society's conference at the Irvine Hyatt, and shooting a reunion at the Hyatt Regency Orange County. I can't post those photos, so this doggie shot will do.


Dana and Kevin in Carmel

We were so excited when Dana and Kevin signed us to shoot her wedding at the Highlands Inn (Hyatt) in Carmel because we have never been up there even though I've driven past it several times on my way to San Francisco. We decided to go up a couple of days before the wedding so we can drive around Carmel and Monterey and check out the hotel grounds. We took the scenic route on Highway 1 and stopped so many times to take pictures. It's so beautiful and romantic!

The wedding itself was a blast because the wedding party did a good job joking around and having fun. It had rained the day before so there was some concern that it would have to be moved indoors, but as is the luck with me, the sun came out for the wedding day. It also rained on my wedding day but stopped in time for the ceremony in Maui.

Matching garter and shoes.

Dana's beautifully custom designed wedding dress.

The bouquet of roses.

The close-up of the rings.

The groom's nephew gets suited up for the big day.

Roses on the cake.

This was such a cute moment. From inside the hotel room, Dana waved to her brother at the wedding site while talking to him on the phone.

It was time for the father of the bride to walk his little girl down the aisle.

I love when the officiant is funny. Here he read aloud Dana and Kevin's vows, which were hilarious.

One of the reasons why Hyatt Highlands in Carmel is a great wedding site is their gorgeous view of the ocean.

Roses spread all over the aisle.

While the best man and maid of honor were signing the marriage license, Dana and Kevin sneaked in a little kiss.

Can you tell that the wedding party was a fun bunch?

Let's all take a walk together.

The girls all wore matching leopard-skin shoes.

The guys wore matching skull socks.

Some shots of the bride and groom.

Dana wanted to make her mom think that they were talking about something naughty.

A couple of my favorites from inside the hotel lobby.

Make-up Artist
Eva S. Nichols
Beauty & The Best

Cindy Fones

Ezzo Entertainment

Kristi Hogue of Highlands Inn

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